Tips for recording

Have fun! You are uplifting the spirits of others so get yourself in the spirit by dressing up, decorating your space, and having as much fun as possible. Do your best to capture high quality audio and video.

What is the target audience?

Senior citizens are the target audience, although the videos will also be viewed be staff and other groups which have signed up to receive the program. Most viewers will be English speaking; however, content in any language is accepted as long as it is uplifting.

What format should the videos be in?

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and submitted via the link or uploaded directly through the form on the homepage. MP4 format is preferred.

What is the deadline to submit videos?

Submissions will be accepted through the end of the day December 22nd.

How many videos can I submit?

Please submit 1-3 videos.

Who can submit videos?

All are welcome and encouraged to submit videos — professionals, amateurs, young, old, and everything in between. It does not matter where you are located in the world.